Multiplug Removal Guide : Method to Uninstall Multiplug Permanently


Multiplug is categorized as browser extension that is used by online criminals to promote useful tools that claims to improve web session and provide accurate result to your searches. But in fact it is aggressive adware provider that often enter into the computer without user knowledge of the users. As a result the presence of such user searches are more hampered but can take them to suspicious sites which poses a risk to security of private details of the user. Some malware researcher had noticed Adware.Multiplug/Variant as well as PUP.Optional.Multiplug with same same functionality as this adware. Many severe problems can be caused because of its redirecting activity so user are recommended to remove Multiplug immediately from their system.

Distribution method of Multiplug :

The entry of Multiplug took place via different sources and uses many infiltration techniques to get inside the PC. The action like sharing music, images with other user, visiting infected links, opening spam email attachments, downloading free games, media player etc from the internet.

Trouble caused by Multiplug :

Once Multiplug infiltrate in the system causes following problems such as :

a) Allow other virus For example adware, PUP, redirect virus, advertising platform to install automatically and violate user privacy.

b) It takes up the control of resources and executes its registry.

c) To mess up your computer information it delete or add mew files and promote third party activities.

d) Multiplug changes start page and shows as browser extension and redirect you to advertising sites.

e) Changes the default setting of Firewalls, antivirus to avoid being detected and removed.
Beside creating disturbance in your online activities, Multiplug will also affect the system performance. If you want to restore system performance you must uninstall Multiplug first.

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Follow Multiplug Removal Guide you will be able to get rid of Multiplug infection. Follow the steps in exact order.

Step 1: Uninstall Multiplug from Task Manager
Step 2 : Delete Multiplug from browser extension like Chrome, Firefox, IE.
Steps 3: Remove Multiplug from Windows Registry
Step 1 : How to Uninstall Multiplug from Task Manager

Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys together to open “Windows Task Manager”.


Now in Processes tab, Right-click the Virus related processes and
click on “End Process” button to finishes infection involved.


Steps 2: How to Delete Multiplug from Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

From Google Chrome

Click on Customize and control Google Chrome icon > More tools > Extensions in Main Menu and locate unwanted extensions from the list and click on trash icon.

Navigate C:\Users\”computer name“\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\ in the case you are unable to delete the extension and one by one review the folders.

To make sure that nothing is left you can rest Google Chrome by deleting current user.


From Mozilla Firefox

First of all open Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+A at one time, remove Multiplug add on.


To troubleshoot information open Help menu and then click to reset Mozilla Firefox


From Internet Explorer

Click on Gear Icon > Toolbars and Extensions and disable Multiplug suspicious extension.


Step 3 : How to Uninstall Multiplug from Windows Registry

To open Run command press Windows logo button and “R” simultaneously and then type appwiz.cpl. Find Multiplug and click on uninstall button.


Expert Recommendation to Uninstall Multiplug Automatically

According to experts, the manual methods of Multiplug removal are really very complicated and not so commonly practical because it requires much technical knowledge.So, it is better to go with automatic method.Windows Scanner, which is a very advanced, powerful and certified anti malware application. It is designed and developed with advance algorithms and software engineering to detect and also provide protection against further malicious attack on your PC. The software is fully automated to shield entire system and does not allow any malicious activity on your PC.

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